How to Use or Take CBD

Legislation on the use of CBD

Before buying CBD you should know and understand the current legislation on cannabinoid products so that you will better understand your responsibilities and rights as a consumer.

Until 2018, CBD was considered a food supplement in Spain, but a change in legislation removed hemp oil from this category.

Until this date, its use had always been oral, with the sublingual route being considered the most effective method, placing the corresponding drops under the tongue, although it was also common to mix it with beverages such as coffee or juice.

New regulation, as of 2018, forces Hannapy to warn that CBD cannot be used as a supplement for human consumption. However, it is still possible to buy CBD in Spain, as long as it is for the use intended topically. For example, according to the current Spanish legislation, CBD oil should be used by putting the necessary drops on the affected area and massaging to improve its absorption.

In countries such as Canada and the United States, their legislation considers CBD as a food supplement so at a legal level if it can be used for human consumption, so you can legally take CBD oil sublingual.


In no case, are CBD products, substituted for medications or therapies prescribed by professional doctors.

The information on the properties of cannabidiol is based on studies that in many cases show evidence of its potential but cannot be understood as conclusive nor supported by official health administrations.

Most of the information on the use and effectiveness of CBD products is based on the experience of users and professional medical hemp researchers.

CBD should not be used by pregnant women or minors without an appropriate professional medical prescription.

What is the most effective method of using CBD?

There is no single answer because CBD comes in many forms. In addition, the concentration or amount of CBD in the product being used also plays a role.

Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the milligrams (mg) or percentage (%) of CBD contained in the product we are going to use.

There is a third element involved in the use and effect of CBD: ourselves. Depending on our complexion and our bio-availability, CBD can have a lesser or greater effect, and that is why we should always start with lower amounts and gradually learn how cannabidiol has an effect on us.

These 3 elements (CBD presentation, CBD concentration, and the person who uses it) are the ones that could define the right amount of CBD for each person, that is, how to use it, how often, in what quantity, and what kind of product works best for us.

First of all, we must remember that CBD is a product that according to the WHO has no serious side effects and that its use is safe. Furthermore, the WHO in its 2019 communiqué highlights its potential therapeutic benefits.

How is CBD Used?

There are several ways in which CBD can be used.

Let’s see according to the different legislations how we can make use of cannabidiol:

Spanish legislation since 2018:

  • Topical use on the skin
  • Vaping liquids with CBD
  • Use of drops on pets

According to the legislation in countries such as the United States or Canada, in addition, the use of cannabidiol can be done through:

  • Sublingual CBD oil
  • Smoking CBD
  • CBD edibles

Topical use of CBD

Topical CBD acts mainly on the skin. As it does not reach the bloodstream, it does not act on any other part of our body.

It is documented that this way of applying CBD through creams, ointments, lotions, ointments, or balms has very nourishing effects on the skin.

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