Natural Skin Care In Winter

The change between cold winter air and warm heating air dries out skin and hair quickly. The right skin care in winter should at best be adapted to the needs of the body. Oils and creams help. We’ll show you which skin care in winter brings you through the cold season – with these eleven household remedy tips.

All our tips and household remedies are easy to use at home. The most important thing for skin care in winter is moisture, moisture, moisture. That’s why many of our tips are based on oils. Oils that make dry hair and skin supple again. We have also collected special tips and household remedies for children’s skin care in winter. After all, children’s skin is particularly sensitive and is often more stressed by extensive snowball fights and sleigh rides than adults’ skin.

Tip 1: Oil shower

Even a small change when showering can have a big effect. Instead of using a shower gel that cleans but also degreases the skin, use a shower oil or a piece of soap.

Tip 2: Dry skin in winter? With these home remedy tips soon no longer.

The second tip also provides remedy through oil. All you need is a biological oil of your choice (cold pressed sesame oil, almond oil or avocado oil is best), which will warm you up slightly.

After taking a shower, apply a splash of oil to your skin and massage it in. In addition to improving skin hydration, this skin care home remedy has many other benefits. The massage stimulates blood circulation, nerves and mind. If you apply this tip before going to bed, it will also promote a restful sleep.

Tip 3: Beautiful skin instead of cracked heels and rough elbows

Heels and elbows are parts of the body that need special attention not only in winter, but all year round. Rub them with castor oil to make them soft and supple again. Daily rubbing smoothes and protects the skin.

Tip 4: Say goodbye to pimples and acne in winter

Especially with impure skin, there is a great temptation to use cosmetic products that remove oil from the skin. Oils often contain alcohol, which dries out the skin and makes it vulnerable. The skin care recommended for acne in winter differs from the summer care, because the skin can no longer form a protective layer. It is now best to avoid emulsifiers and preservatives.

Steam baths with chamomile that open the pores are recommended. As a nice side effect, chamomile also has a positive effect on colds. Heat water for a steam bath and pour into a bowl. Add the chamomile (in the organic food store) and hold your face over the bowl for about ten minutes with a towel over your head. Then apply the cream. Then you can cream the skin with argan oil. It does not clog the pores and is therefore also suitable for unclean skin.

Tip 5: Winter protection for facial skin

Especially during long winter walks, it is a good idea to care for your facial skin even more than usual. Simply massage in a drop of oil together with the normal day cream. When choosing a day cream, it is important that it contains a sun protection factor. Especially in snow-covered landscapes, the sun is strongly reflected.

Tip 6: Clean face with oil

Even if outside temperatures are cold, the facial skin must be cleaned regularly and cleaned of dirt and make-up. Instead of alcohol-based cosmetic products, use a gentle cleansing milk or try the Oil Cleansing method, which uses coconut or olive oil to remove your make-up. This will keep your skin supple.

Tip 7: Dry hair in winter: Home remedies for hair care

If you belong to the vast majority of people whose hair is not well able to breathe the heating air in winter: Welcome to the Club! Here, too, oil can help. Coconut oil provides a silky shine. If you suffer from dry scalp, massage it in as a hair treatment. If your problem is rather brittle tips, add a small amount as leave-in. Olive oil is also a good choice for dry scalps. Apply a (small!) amount of oil to the hair and cover with a shower cap or an old towel. After half an hour, wash your hair with shampoo.

Tip 8: Rough hands (and feet)? Soon they will be a thing of the past.

The gloves will be forgotten at home and our hands will be rough and cracked. The heating air does the rest. What then helps is an SOS overnight program. Massage a little organic oil of your choice into your wet hands before going to bed. Then cream them with a greasy hand cream and put on cotton gloves. The next day, your hands will be as soft as a baby butt. The whole thing also works very well with rough or cracked feet.