Facial Treatments For The Skin

With the many beauty products for the home, it’s no longer worth going to the beautician? We see it differently. Five reasons why you should still treat yourself and your skin regularly to a facial treatment.

Plus: Current treatments for healthy and radiant skin at a glance

Your bathroom is full to the brim with serums, day and night creams as well as masks in different variations? Super! And yet we would like to recommend regular treatments from your beautician as a supplement to your personal beauty favourites. Why? That’s why:

You will get to know your skin better!

Before the cosmetician starts with your desired treatment, she carries out a detailed skin analysis. After all, not every treatment is suitable for every skin type. A professional beauty expert will recommend a treatment that is perfectly tailored to the needs of your skin.

Knowledge is power!

In the best case, you will not only get to know your skin type, but also new active ingredients and products that will improve your skin appearance at home. Of course you can also get advice in perfumeries. However, a beautician analyses the unvarnished truth and can tell you exactly which ingredients you should avoid and which products you should integrate into your personal beauty routine.

Just take a break!

A visit to the beautician always means wellness – without you having to book directly into a spa. This makes it all the more important that you feel at home with your beautician. You haven’t found a good beauty fairy yet? Our tip: Rely on recommendations from friends and let yourself be inspired online by pictures and reviews.

Prophylaxis is everything!

Don’t just go to the cosmetician in an acute case of pickle. For example, those who regularly treat their skin to a thorough cleansing and subsequent care treatment prevent impurities and wrinkles.

Seasonal care!

The needs of the skin change with the seasons. While the skin sweats in summer and is particularly exposed to the sun, it needs intensive protection from the cold in winter. Our tip: Equip your skin with an intensive and professional treatment.

Were we able to convince you? We will tell you which facial treatments you can find in the range of beauty professionals in addition to the classic mud mask. Which treatment you actually try is up to you.

HydraFacial – Glamour glow

What do BeyoncĂ©, Eva Mendes & Co. have in common? Okay, they are stars. And beyond that, they swear by the hydrafacial. Because the (almost) painless treatment provides a radiant complexion in the twinkling of an eye. The result lasts only about a week (with regular use the period is extended) – but with the Hydrafacial the Hollywood Glow can be “conjured up” at short notice without great effort. And with regular use not only the skin structure improves – the pores become finer, the skin is better supplied with moisture and pigment disorders are reduced. Tip: Makes tired winter skin awake again in the twinkling of an eye!


And what exactly is behind this effective treatment? The upper skin layers are first removed by a mechanical peeling, then by an acid peeling, in order to increase the receptiveness for the following active ingredients. In the next step, high doses of hyaluronic acid, peptides and antioxidants are introduced into the skin under high pressure.

This is what makes the result so special: the penetration of the active ingredients, the collagen synthesis and the blood circulation are finally increased by a treatment with LED light. Best time? On the day of the desired effect!

Microneedling- Minimizes first wrinkles, large pores and scars

Hurt the skin first, then make it glow? Sounds strange, but it is a proven method in the cosmetics industry. In the so-called microneedling, a pin or roller covered with microfine needles glides over the face. This results in minimal injuries to the skin. The body reacts with its own repair mechanism and produces collagen and elastin – both of which promote the elasticity of the skin.

The process:

After careful cleansing of the skin, an anaesthetic ointment is applied. After a short application time, a highly concentrated cream with active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid is applied. Now the Needling-Pen or -Roller is driven over the skin, the before applied anti-aging active substances can penetrate so particularly deeply into the skin. After the actual treatment, the skin is cared for with a soothing ointment. Redness and slight swelling disappear after a few hours.

Microdermabrasion – refines the complexion, promotes cell renewal of the skin

A microdermabrasion not only warns against large-pored skin, but also against pigment disorders, impurities and wrinkles. The finest microcrystals remove dead cells from the uppermost skin layer and stimulate the formation of new cells at the same time.

The process:

Once the skin has been thoroughly cleansed, the actual treatment begins. The cosmetician drives over the skin with a hand-held device that uses a vacuum compressed air system to transport the crystals onto the skin and remove them together with the removed skin flakes. Subsequently, a nourishing cream with a particularly high sun protection factor is applied.