Beauty Tips

Dry skin, brittle lips, unruly hair? When it’s frosty cold outside and cuddly warm inside, your body needs extra care. We’ll tell you the best tips and products for dry skin and hair in winter.

Clinking cold, dry heating air, caps, scarves and hot baths in the tub – in winter your skin has to work hard. Reason enough to treat your skin to intensive care that protects it against constant temperature fluctuations and external stimuli.

Intensive care for face, hands & feet, body and hair – with these beauty tips you will get through the winter beautifully and fit!

Face care in winter

When it is colder than 8 degrees, the sebaceous glands stop producing fat and particularly sensitive skin areas such as the face and lips need a small extra portion of fat. Here are the best beauty tips for your face in winter.

Other face creams

Swap your face cream for a richer cream. If it contains active ingredients like urea, evening primrose oil or shea butter, it helps to regenerate brittle skin in winter. (lavera Neutral Acute Cream, approx. 10 Euro)

Use masks

In winter your exciting and dry skin needs more moisture. A serum or face mask works wonders. (Schaebens Moisturizing Mask, 15er Pack, ca. 20 Euro)

UV protection

One often forgets that even the winter sun can irritate the skin, e.g. when skiing one can get a fat sunburn despite minus temperatures. Protect your skin at least with SPF 15, if you are in the sun longer and a protection from 30 SPF to 50 SPF, if you are on the piste, because the snow intensifies the radiation! (Nivea Sun Alpine Sun Cream for face, approx. 10 Euro)

Lip care

Brittle lips? Beeswax or palm wax lipsticks prevent your lips from becoming rough and cracked. Especially in winter, you can cream your lips more often. (e.g. beeswax lip balm from Burt’s Bees for approx. 4 Euro)

Special tip

When it is colder than 8 degrees, the sebaceous glands stop producing fat and particularly sensitive skin areas such as the face and lips need a small extra portion of fat. Simply use a Bepanthol moisturizing cream, which is also suitable as a make-up base, and at night the Bepanthol intensive cream (both about 14 euros each). In general you should use a moisturizing cream make-up or facial fluid instead of powder in winter.

Are you out in the wind and weather, for example snowboarding or tobogganing? Then use a special grease cream for facial care, which is like a protective film on the skin, e.g. from Penaten (approx. 4 Euro).

Body care in winter

Dry elbows, scaly knees and rough hands – in winter the skin craves a lot of moisture and fat. That’s how you prevent dry skin in winter.

Changing showers

A warm bath relaxes the skin and muscles, but you should only do it once a week for 15 minutes as it draws moisture from the body!

Better in winter: warm-cold alternating showers. Use greasy shower cream instead of washing gel, e.g. oil shower with macadamia oil from Rausch for approx. 17 Euro.

Body lotion

In any case: Apply a generous amount of cream to the body after bathing or showering, for example “Soft Body Balsam Intensive Care” from bebe Young Care for dry skin for approx. 3 euros.

Attention scarves

Turtleneck pullovers and scarves protect against cold, but also rub on sensitive skin and let pimples sprout in the décolleté. The same anti-pimple care as for the face helps against it, e.g. Neutrogena Visibly Clear Anti-Pimple Oil-free Wash Gel, approx. 10 Euro.

Hand and foot care in winter

Your hands also need extra care and protection when it comes to heating air and freezing cold. And don’t forget your feet, because they also suffer from the cold.

Warm gloves and socks

Cold hands constrict the blood vessels in your hands and blood circulation becomes more difficult. The result: ice-cold fingers. Gloves are therefore a must in winter! You should also keep your feet warm at all times, above all to protect yourself from a cold.


If your hands are very rough or cracked, frequent application of a hand cream (e.g. Apotheker Scheller Calendula Hand Balm, approx. 1.60 Euro) and an intensive overnight treatment will help: apply thick cream to your hands and put on thin cotton gloves.

Also normal soap dries out the hands even more. Better use creamy baby soaps (e.g. from Penaten, approx. 1 Euro) or mild washing pieces (syndets).

Foot bath

That makes tired feet awake again: A warm foot bath with herbal additives (e.g. thyme, lavender, arnica, rosemary or sea salt extracts) and/or a relaxing massage with a nubby massage rubber ball. Then rub with a moisturising foot cream (e.g. “Norwegian Formula Foot Cream”, Neutrogena, approx. 9 Euro), because your feet also need care.

Hair care in winter

Cold, wetness and wind also affect the hair in winter. So that the Bad Hair Days do not become a permanent condition, you should avoid everything that stresses your hair even more.

Protection for your hair in winter

Dry air quickly lets your hair stand on end. Antistatic shampoos and special antistatic sprays help against this. Water-repellent hair sprays cover each hair with a fine protective layer and keep the hairstyle in shape longer. (e.g. Drei Wetter Taft Hairspray, approx. 3 Euro)


Without a cap nothing works in winter, of course, but they flatten everything that does not attract or ripple by nature. Alcohol-free care and styling products bind moisture in the hair and give it back its fullness and bounce.

Wash hair with lukewarm water and mild shampoo. Use an intensive treatment once a week. (e.g. Dove Hair Care Strengthening Hair Treatment Oil Care Nutritional Care for approx. 4 Euro)

Heat protection in winter

Hot blow drying dries out the scalp and makes the hair even more brittle. Better let it dry slowly and spray with a protective hairdryer spray (e.g. Syoss hairdryer spray, approx. 3 Euro).

Care for tips

Because the sensitive tips in winter break more quickly due to the constant friction on the wool sweater and scarf, you should rub them regularly with a little olive oil – and have them regrooved more often by your hairdresser.